Let's make European industry climate neutral by 2050 together!

Фінальна конференція проєкту,
9 березня 2021 року


Join us in a series of discussions with representatives of the Ukrainian government, business, academia and experts community related to existing and potential collaboration with European partners on implementation of the Green Deal and Digital Europe Programme. 

Ukraine not only shares the key values and principles of the twin transition of the European industry but has also committed to contribute to achievement of such ambitious goals both at the level of government and business. Recent adoption of the National Economic Strategy sets out «green economy» as the state’s major and dominant pattern. Distinguished speakers of our plenary session and panel discussions will elaborate on that in more details.

Decarbonization of Industry, Smart-mobility and Hydrogen Renewable Energy are at the main focus of our Web-conference

In the final part of the day we will discuss Strategic Infrastructure Projects of Ukraine, which have a unique potential for Europe in terms of deepening and expanding its logistics and transportation capabilities based on innovative technologies and engineering solutions.

We are also happy to have Ruslana LYZHYCHKO on board as our Special guest, who is not only a famous winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, but a Global ambassador for renewable energy.






12 - 15 january

Conference 2018

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